Favourite jeans

It’s been a long week. Our son was poorly and then I caught it so I haven’t really had a chance to sit down and write anything, or even update a draft post and post that!

But here’s a little something I was thinking about on Thursday morning when our son had recovered and just hours before I came down with it…

Whenever I wash or iron my jeans (yes, I iron jeans), I always freak out that they’ve shrunk in the wash and then remember that actually my legs are that short. Every time! Anyway, on Thursday I put on my oldest pair of jeans for a trip to the park with our son. They’d just been washed and ironed (yes, I even iron my oldest jeans), and they were so comfy. I always start to reminisce when I put on these jeans when they are freshly washed and ironed.

I think everyone, or maybe every girl, has a pair of jeans they love because they are comfy. I don’t like having to buy new jeans because they’re never the same as my old comfy jeans, but then when I have to throw out my old jeans, a current pair become the old comfy jeans. It’s the circle of life. Well, jeans. Maybe I should start buying two pairs of any jeans that are comfy so I can enjoy them for longer. So long as I don’t actually shrink them in the wash…


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