Prepare, freeze, cook

Last week I followed the Sugar Pink Food blog as Latoyah used her slow cooker every day for seven days, including breakfast and pudding.

I love our slow cooker, as you are very aware, but I don’t think I could use it every day. I have used it twice in one day a few times but, despite my love of the slow cooker, I don’t fancy slow cooked meals every day. Ours is only used once or twice a week for a meal and two or three times a week for bread.

This makes my previous posts seem irrelevant. I like a bit of variety and not everything can be made in a slow cooker. For some people, using the slow cooker every day must be very useful and I’ve included a few links below to blogs listing recipes you can prepare, bag up, freeze, defrost and put in your slow cooker. I’ve recommended it to a friend of mine who is expecting a baby at the end of this month as potentially she could have all her meals sorted for the first month of her baby’s life!

40 meals in 4 hours – Who Needs A Cape?

8 meals in 1 hour – Six Sisters’ Stuff

10 meals in 90 minutes – Six Sisters’ Stuff

7 meals in 2 hours – Amber May Be…

NB: the above blogs are American so some measurements and ingredients may need converting or replacing.


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