Spring cleaning the kitchen

Hubby and I had a very romantic evening one night last week… cleaning out our kitchen cupboards. No, thankfully not the return of the pantry moth, who would have had to follow us from north to south London. This was just rearranging.

As I said, our son was born the day we moved house so hubby did all of the moving with the help of a couple of friends. Whilst we were in hospital, hubby thought about which would be the most useful boxes to unpack and he chose the kitchen boxes. Good choice! Not that I did any cooking or making tea for a little while but he did a great job choosing where things should go. I think after a few weeks we moved a couple of things around but basically things have remained the same since we moved in.

Until last week when we wanted to set up our new coffee machine. I only started drinking coffee, and only decaf, last year and we had some vouchers which hubby decided would go on a coffee machine for me. Very exciting! But we don’t have a lot of work surface space in our kitchen so a few things had to be moved around and we ended up swapping entire cupboard contents (note to my mum for when you visit next – the coffee jar has moved).

I remember people being amazed that I hadn’t moved things around, not because it had been poorly arranged but because my husband had done it. Thankfully hubby is a sensible man, most of the time, so he had put tea and coffee together, baking things together, and tins and sauces together. Perhaps they were thinking that their husbands would have put things anywhere and they’d never find it. I admit, I didn’t know where everything was but then I didn’t put it away in the first place and at least there was a system.

Oh and the coffee machine is lovely. We tested it out at the weekend when some friends stayed over and there were no complaints.


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