Slow Cookers – Part 2

I think I could rave about slow cookers for a long, long time. I’ve just found ours to be so useful and making bread in particular has been very exciting. (The ciabatta wasn’t a disaster, by the way, although hubby said he likes ciabatta with a crust so the next pack will be used in the old fashioned way.) Here are a few great things about the slow cooker, aside from the ones I mentioned in my first post about slow cookers.

1. You can leave the meal cooking all day in the slow cooker and it still tastes good, in fact some meat should be slow cooked so it falls apart.

2. Following on from 1., you generally don’t have to be in the house to stir anything or add anything.

3. It saves money. “Slow cookers work by applying a small amount of heat (around three 100-watt light bulbs’ worth) over three to 12 hours” (

4. It saves more money. You can buy cheap cuts of meat that require slow cooking. And it’s a great way to use up random vegetables, potatoes, etc at the end of the week – chuck it all in the slow cooker and see what happens which I love doing.

5. The meat is really soft after cooking for a long time so that made it easier to wean our son onto meat because he could chew it.

6. You can even cook a joint or a whole chicken in a slow cooker, freeing up your oven for roast potatoes and vegetables and pudding.

7. Often the full recipes for four people would actually serve several more when served with pasta, rice, potatoes, etc. I make the full four-person recipe and bag up leftovers into toddler-sized portions and adult-sized portions for another day.

8. Depending on the size of the slow cooker, it is an ideal way to cook for friends and family because you can add extra veg or potatoes, pasta, rice to make the food go further and your oven is free for something else.

9. As I mentioned in my first post about slow cookers, you are not limited to making main meals in a slow cooker, you can also cook bread, cakes, puddings, and no doubt much more that I am yet to discover.

So this is my new passion. You will hear more about this!


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