It’s never too late to turn it back around

It has been a whole year since I decided to break from being a vegetarian! You may remember my mini series on my conversion. And what a year of discovery it has been.

I have rediscovered lamb – my favourite before and after being a vegetarian. I also love ham, and chicken. And roast beef!

But we’re still not eating it very often. Most meals we eat are vegetarian still because it is cheaper, I know what I’m doing, and actually we just like the recipes. I’m not a big fan of bacon or sausages and still keep a bag of Quorn mince in the freezer. I have, of course, learnt how to cook meat. I’ve now roasted pork, beef and chicken. And it opens up a whole variety of dishes I can eat if we go out.

And how will we celebrate? We’re trying a recipe recommended by a friend called Rapid Ragu. I think it’s a Nigella recipe. It has lamb mince and pancetta in it – fancy! And we’re going to have chicken twice next week. A meaty week to celebrate a year of meat-eating!

NB Another James Morrison-inspired title! I’m trying to do this for each title until we see him live!


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