London driving

I’ve blogged briefly about driving in London before, but as a friend and colleague passed her driving test today (well done again!) I thought I’d share a couple of not-so-pleasant driving stories from the last ten days.

I don’t drive very often, hubby normally drives. But after a wander around Trent Park recently, hubby’s toes got very cold so I offered to drive home. On the short drive, a big 4×4 drove up close behind us and pulled out to the right as if trying to overtake. Of course there was no room for him to overtake, he was just annoyed that I was making him do 30mph, also known as the speed limit. Eventually there was room for him to overtake and he zoomed off, only to get stuck behind another law-abiding citizen!

This weekend we took a load of recycling to the local recycling centre and the speed limit is 10mph there. So I did 10mph, much to the annoyance of the drivers behind me. I don’t imagine many people do the speed limit there. When leaving, the car behind beeped his horn at me because he wanted to go straight on at the roundabout and I was turning left. There was no room for him to go straight on obviously because I was in front of him, and although I couldn’t turn left immediately somehow this was my fault!

Now whilst it is amusing to wind up drivers who insist on breaking the law, it is just that, the law! But it’s not just that. It took me a while to get past second gear and then 50mph when I was learning to drive. My first experience of driving on the motorway filled passengers with fear because everyone else drove a lot faster than me! When we bought our first car after two years of marriage, and I hadn’t driven for two years, hubby had to take me to a car park to practice driving.

My point is that I was a fairly nervous driver when I was learning and lacked confidence. So when people drive close to me or beep at me, my confidence automatically drops. I imagine this is part of the reason for beeping. I’ve found that many beeps are because of impatient drivers who want to break the law rather than checking if another car is coming over a country bridge, for example. It’s dangerous, people! And mean!


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