Sicily Unpacked episode 3

Last week’s episode was great and included gelato! Gelato is amazing and I recommend having a look for a gelateria in your area. It doesn’t beat real gelato but it’s still pretty good.

Tonight is sadly the last episode, but is probably going to be the best (in my opinion!) because they are going to Mount Etna. We went there on holiday and our hotel was on the east of the island which is famous for oranges, lemons and pistachios, so Giorgio can produce something amazing!

What the BBC says…

In the final episode of the series, Andrew and Giorgio take the pulse of contemporary Sicily, experience the change that is sweeping through the island, and find out how the future of it is linked to its ancient past.

Over the last 100 years, Sicilians have seen their beautiful island sink under the weight of corruption, recession and the mafia. But today, Sicily is experiencing a renaissance and celebrating a rediscovery of their unique ancient heritage.

Andrew and Giorgio visit Mount Etna, the tallest active volcano in Europe, and explore the rich vegetation of its foothills and the dramatic moonlike craters of its upper slopes. Etna truly is a great beauty with a seductive dark side, just like Sicily.

During this journey our presenters will meet the ordinary people really trying to make a difference in Sicily. Ciccio the fisherman who retrieved a statue dating back 2300 years from the sea. Called the Dancing Satyr, rather than sell it to a private art dealer, he generously gave it back to his town so that his fellow Sicilians can enjoy the riches of their past. Likewise, a little museum in the small town of Aidone successfully reclaimed the spectacular Morgantina statue of Demeter – as old as the frieze sculptures on the Parthenon – from the Getty Museum in California.

And it’s not only art that is experiencing a resurrection on the island but agriculture too: the wine, that only 20 years ago was considered only good enough for blending vats on the continent, is now one of the most fashionable in Europe and is being exported all over the world.

Andrew and Giorgio also visit the magnificent villa of Romana del Casale in Piazza Armerina where they get a chance to help restorers, in bringing back to life exquisite mosaics some 1800 years old!

Combining old traditions with contemporary trends is a current very much behind a lot of the success stories emerging out of modern Sicily. One the most exciting examples is Accursio Craparo, a Michelin starred chef, taking the best of Sicily’s food traditions and putting an ingenious modern twist on them

Andrew and Giorgio finish their journey round Sicily back in Palermo. Here they meet Prince Bernardo Tortorici, whose family have been in Sicily since the 12th century. He confirms the renaissance of Sicily that our presenters have witnessed on their travels, but insists Sicilians must not rest on their laurels. Sicily will have a brilliant, bright future if Sicilians cherish and believe in their island’s great beauty, and most importantly nurture it.


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