Gift tags

I know I said that Christmas was over, but I did a little Christmassy thing last night – I made Christmas gift tags.

There’s a website called Instructables which has lots of cool, quirky ideas. I ‘like’ it on Facebook so different ideas come up in my News Feed each day. Sometimes they’re a bit random but sometimes quite good! Earlier in January they suggested making gift tags out of old Christmas cards, complete with instructions.  You could use any cards really – birthday, thank you, etc.

I remember making gift tags out of Christmas cards with my mum but we just cut out the design on the card. This way seemed a bit more funky because if you use a uniform pattern, you can’t guarantee getting the whole design. So last night when hubby was sorting our recycling (we don’t have much between us so he only does it every few weeks), I decided to give our Christmas cards a new lease of life.

I made them slightly differently to the Instructables instructions. I cut the first card into the shape and size I wanted and used that as a template for the others – easy. It turns out the tags are about 7.5cm by 3.5cm. Then I hole punched each tag and put some string through them. So this Christmas you could receive your Christmas card again!



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