Sicily Unpacked episode 2

Last week’s episode was really good, and only two more to go! On our trip to Sicily we visited Mount Etna which is going to be in next week’s episode, and other towns on the east of the island. We didn’t go to Palermo but it looked fascinating. And the food – mmmm! We could almost taste the dishes Giorgio cooked!

Tonight’s episode includes a section on the importance of bread to the Sicilians – we read about it in Giorgio’s recipe book. It really is interesting.

Here’s what the BBC says about it:

In the second part of this fascinating journey through Sicily, Andrew and Giorgio explore the legacy of Spain’s 500-year occupation of the island and the influence this has had on art and culture.

It is Easter and Giorgio and Andrew get the chance to experience two of the island’s most spectacular celebrations. On Good Friday in the city of Enna, hooded figures parade statues of the Madonna and Jesus. Then on Easter Sunday they go to Modica to see the Madonna Vasa Vasa procession, where a statue of the Madonna meets and kisses her son Jesus in front of a devoted crowd.

Andrew and Giorgio end Easter festivities with a traditional lunch courtesy of the Vannuccio family, who live in the countryside outside Modica. The sweet tooth of our presenters is indulged when they sample ice cream made exclusively with ingredients from Sicily. Further delights are served by the Bonajuto family, who for six generations have made exquisite chocolate inspired by techniques acquired from the Aztecs via their Spanish colonizers.

During the Spanish occupation, Caravaggio fled to Sicily from Rome. He is Andrew’s favourite painter and together with Giorgio, he visits one of the great artist’s masterpieces in Messina – a moving Nativity scene.

Giorgio and Andrew end this part of their journey in Marsala, where General Giuseppe Garibaldi arrived with his one thousand soldiers to unify Italy in 1860.


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