Live music

I remember my first live music concert. I was 13. They were Five. It was amazing. I remember standing next to my sister, wearing my favourite clothes (combats were very cool then) even though they’d never see me standing near the back, and throwing my hands into the air in excitement as they came on stage and started singing. I knew all the words backwards and we sang along until we couldn’t sing any more. Then we bounced into school the next day, telling anyone who’d listen about our incredible evening and how cute Scott looked and how we wanted to see them again.

The next live music concert was about a year later and I went kind of as a favour for a friend. It was Westlife. I bought their first single and their first album. After that I wasn’t really interested. But a friend and her sister had four tickets to see them in concert so my sister and I went along. I remember we had to borrow the other albums they’d released from my friend so we’d know the songs! There definitely wasn’t the excitement there was when we saw Five although it was an enjoyable evening, that is until we got lost on the Spaghetti Junction in Birmingham and started going the wrong way home.

We watched the first Popstars and Pop Idol, back in the day, and when Darius Danesh released his first, and possibly only, album I bought it straight away as well as one for a friend. There was even a poster up of him advertising his new album in our school canteen. Bliss. So when I found out he was doing a concert nearby I got tickets for myself, my sister and a friend. It was just before my 17th birthday. I will never forget the hip thrusting and how I could never look at Darius in the same way again. It was quite a fun evening all the same. I still like listening to his album every once in a while, partly to annoy hubby but partly because I liked the album.

I’ve just realised that my sister only really liked Five so I don’t know why she came to the other concerts. In fact I think she had a fairly strong dislike of Westlife!

A few months after Darius, I went with a group of friends to see Turin Brakes. I only knew a couple of the songs and felt a bit awkward. We were standing as there were no seats, even though at the other concerts I’d stood when there were seats. It wasn’t a big concert venue like the NEC so it had a different atmosphere. It was fun to be with friends but I wish I’d known more of the songs.

A lot of people go to see live bands at university, however for some reason I didn’t.  Perhaps Durham just isn’t that groovy.

So it wasn’t until after we got married that I saw another live music concert. This time it was Stevie Wonder. It was for hubby’s birthday with his brother and sister-in-law at the O2. The O2 venue is massive. We were on the back wall and I was scared to stand up because the seats appear to be tiered almost vertically. I wasn’t particularly familiar with Stevie’s music. He sang a lot of new stuff that hubby didn’t know and talked about Obama a lot, so hubby was a bit disappointed.

The reason for this trip down memory lane is that for Christmas/Valentine’s Day hubby is taking me to see James Morrison in concert in February. I am ecstatic! I can’t wait. I love his first album and for the last six months have had it on loop after rediscovering it (haha! If you know his songs…). For Christmas I asked for his latest two albums and now we have a month to familiarise ourselves with all of his music and learn the words! I love all of his music and think it’s lovely to listen to, so I know I won’t get bored, but hubby might…

I’m slightly scared about what the concert will be like, though. Five are still the best band I’ve seen in concert because I loved them, I knew the words, they were great, everyone around me loved it, and it was the first concert I went to. Part of me wants it to be like that, but I’m no longer 13! We are going to be standing and according to hubby that means dancing and looking silly. I don’t know how much I’ll see actually because I’m mini! I hope it will be amazing and hubby and I will have lots of fun, and I hope I won’t try to compare it to the first concert I ever experienced.


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