Decorating and cleaning

Hubby’s brother has just moved house and has quite a lot of decorating to do before they move in, so we spent a day helping out last week. My parents have photos of me helping my dad with the decorating when I was little so I was well qualified for the task! Hubby hadn’t done much decorating before so it was good practice for the future, and fun to think when we visit we can say we helped!

We also spent a bit of time tidying up and cleaning our flat. My mum gave me a book called 1001 Practical Uses for Vinegar for Christmas. I got very excited about all of they ways I could cheaply clean our flat. How sad! There are all sorts of suggestions including cleaning windows, kettles, bathrooms…

Anyway we bought some white vinegar which is cheap and I got excited about how many things I could clean for so few pennies. I started with the two jobs I put off the most – cleaning the kettle and the shower head. I knew the kettle would come out ok, but we’d always struggled to clean the shower head. I followed the instructions, took the rubber bit off, watched the limescale come off and then scrubbed a bit. It wasn’t spotless but it was much cleaner. When I came to fix it back on the shower though, it had shrunk! So we ended up buying a new clean shower head!

Moral of the story is… well I don’t know! It cleaned the tiles in the bathroom but I’m too scared to try to clean the cuffs on hubby’s shirts with vinegar yet.


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