Photo tidy up

I was recently introduced to an American magazine called Real Simple by an American colleague. It has some nice stuff in it but is obviously aimed at Americans!

I was flicking through the ‘Home and organising’ section and was inspired to do something I’d meant to do for ages – tidy up our photos. There was an article on it and I decided it was time to sort out our pics.

We don’t have that many photos, we normally take loads on holiday but the rest of the time our camera lives a quiet life. However, when I sat down last weekend to organise our photo files it took a lot longer than I thought it would. We put our photos into files, but it seems somewhere along the way some were mixed up.

Anyway, after a couple of hours of sorting the files out, I was ready to burn them onto CD. I’d already purchased a simple shoebox-type box which is the right size for CDs from a funky shop called Tiger.

I then faced my next problem. My plan was to put a year’s worth of photos onto each CD so they are easy to find. However, I’d only been able to get hold of two CD-RWs. Also, some of the years have a lot of photos.

So until I am able to get hold of some more CD-RWs, my project is on hold. In the mean time I’ve asked hubby to have a look through the photos and delete any that he doesn’t want any more. One day I’ll finish the project!


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