We’ve just returned from a lovely relaxing holiday just outside Bakewell in the Peak District. So you can expect a couple of posts about our holiday!

To start with, our cute little cottage:  It was really cosy and in a great location for getting around the Peaks.

It was two miles from Bakewell, where the famous Bakewell tart is from. You may remember I said a couple of weeks ago that I was going to make a Bakewell tart for my parents and in-laws. That was a success, my dad even thought I’d bought it from a shop and not made it!

Well in Bakewell, the tart is a pudding. The pudding is served warm with cream or custard, custard in the pic on the left. It has similar elements to a Bakewell tart – pastry, almond, jam – but tastes particularly eggy.

We bought a couple of Bakewell tarts for me to take in for my colleagues – one iced, one not iced. They were eaten very quickly! They have a thicker sponge layer than Mr Kipling Bakewell tarts or the tart I made.

Although I think I could change this fairly easily – my Bakewell tart was quite big because we only have one flan dish and so the sponge was thin. If I could get hold of a smaller, deeper flan dish the sponge would be thicker! Hmm… possible Christmas present…


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