Sicilian recipe book

One of hubby’s birthday presents from me was Made in Sicily by Giorgio Locatelli. I bought it for him because we both loved the food in Sicily and I thought he might like to recreate it, or for me to recreate it.

It’s a very big recipe book but it’s also a history of Sicilian food and describes Sicilian life. Hubby normally doesn’t like recipe books with lots of additional writing, but this one is interesting, so interesting that he’s been reading it in bed! It tells you the history of the use of ingredients and the dishes with photos of food and Sicilian people.
I’ve started reading it too, and not for the recipes! It makes me want to go back to Sicily. The other day I was reading about olive oil and how many Sicilians try to produce their own olive oil, and the way he was describing it made me want to eat a spoon of the Sicilian olive oil we brought back with us! It’s a brilliant book – I recommend it as an introduction to the Sicilian way of living and eating, and hopefully soon I’ll be able to recommend it as a recipe book…

When we were in Sicily in June we visited Gole dell’ Alcantara, a gorge in the east of the island, and after wading through the cold water to see how Mount Etna had left its mark we were given a taste of organic produce made in the area. Hubby loved the marmalade, I loved the olive oil and tomato paste (a bit like pesto). We ended up buying some of each and are still enjoying the oil – I use it sparsely! If you want to sample some delicious organic Sicilian produce, you can buy them from the Terralcantara online shop. (The website is in Italian, but you can get your browser to translate it). We’re considering topping up our supplies, perhaps as a Christmas present to each other!


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