Pancakes again

As part of hubby’s birthday, I took him out for dinner. I would normally cook something special for him – when I was a vegetarian this would normally be steak & chips. This year, no longer a vegetarian, it would have been a lot less impressive for me to cook steak & chips. So, when someone at work recommended a quiet Chinese restaurant, I jumped at the idea.

The restaurant is called Sweet Cherry and is in Cockfosters. It was lovely. We went at 7pm and it was quiet. There is a strange waterfall feature and a picture of horses running at you, but the service is good and the food is yummy. It has bad reviews from 4 years ago on the link above, but it was really nice on Friday! It wasn’t extraordinarily expensive either, which was a bonus.

The best bit was introducing hubby to crispy aromatic duck. I have a history with this dish. For years as a family we had it for Christmas lunch. Then I became vegetarian. My family continued to eat it and I had an alternative vegetarian Chinese dish. So eating it on Friday for the first time in nearly 10 years was an absolute delight. I can’t describe it! It was delicious, exactly how I remembered it, and it reminded me of Christmas with my family. I really felt the need to open a cracker, wear a paper hat and open some presents! It just made me so happy. And hubby loved it, too.

I told hubby about my family’s strange Christmas tradition before we were married and he was full of expectation for our first Christmas with my family. Since my sister and I left home, my parents have varied their Christmas dinners, and for our first Christmas with my parents my dad had chosen the traditional turkey… So I’ve put in a request for crispy aromatic duck for this Christmas. I don’t know what my sister will request. Here’s hoping it’s duck. Mmmm!


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