Birthday cakes

It’s hubby’s birthday today so I made his birthday cake last night. He has had the same cake for about 15 years – Victoria sponge with green buttercream icing and cricket figures on top.

I took over making this cake for him in 2006, a month before we got engaged. His mum had given him the cricket figures and candles, I just had to make the cake and assemble them. Unfortunately I hadn’t watched any cricket for a while and had no idea where to put the little men catching the ball (see pic), but he still asked me to marry him so it obviously wasn’t a requirement!

After we got married, his mum forgot to pass on the cricket figures so in 2007 I used writing icing to draw a cricket bat and ball on top of the cake. Thankfully there is no photographic evidence of this!

In 2008 the cricket figures had been passed onto us, so they reappeared on the birthday cake. Sadly, as you can see, I put too many of them on (I felt bad that only half of the figures would make it onto the cake otherwise!).

There are no photos of 2009 or 2010’s attempts, but you can see that there is a theme – a) it’s the same cake every year, and b) I put the figures in the wrong place every year.

Here is (an attempt at) a poser picture of this year’s attempt, minus candles. I have no idea if it’s right – I’ll find out when I present it to the birthday boy later!

I have very fond memories of birthday cakes from when I was growing up. My mum made me a grand piano birthday cake with Matchmakers holding up the lid, an ice skating cake, a sponge cake with Sonic the Hedgehog thickly iced on it by my dad, to name a few. And she made tent cakes complete with marzipan as the tent covering – yum!

So I always want to make something really exciting for hubby’s birthday cake, having had exciting birthday cakes growing up and no children to make them for yet. I also like a challenge, so making a Victoria sponge every year is a bit boring. Having said that, I do enjoy making fun cakes the rest of the year. For example, next week I’m making a Bakewell tart for my parents and hubby’s parents who are visiting.

When it’s my birthday I don’t ask for a particular cake, I just enjoy whatever hubby makes for me. He’s very thoughtful, always using something that I really like, often something chocolatey. This year he made a yummy white chocolate and pistachio cake. For my 21st he made the hedgehog cake below – the horns were added by one of my housemates – AND a cheesecake!


5 thoughts on “Birthday cakes”

  1. Hey Jenny! I hope you are well. I love reading your blog from time to time to see what you are up to and had been thinking I should say hello… well cake talk is the perfect excuse! That cake looks brill, i hope you get to eat plenty as well as hubby! I remember some of your birthday cakes… the grand piano rings a bell, would I have seen that??
    Love Ellie xxx

      1. Wow, that sounds like a long time ago now, but I still remember some things like they were yesterday. I even remember our first day at school! I love married life and keep trying to be the (non existent) perfect wife… we can all try! Although Luke is away doing some research in Africa at the minute, which is hard. He will be back Dec 6th at the latest!

        Baking and cooking go a long way to a mans heart dont you think!? Does yours insist on you leaving some mix uncooked to eat? Mine does! xxx

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