The end of Spooks

If you’ve not seen the last episode ever of Spooks, don’t read on!

A few weeks ago I mentioned that we haven’t really watched Spooks for a while. I knew it was the last ever episode last night, so decided to watch it. And I’m glad I did! I didn’t know what was going on so I had to work it out whilst hubby chatted away on the phone in the same room.

Anyway, I managed to just about work it out. The episode’s storyline was dramatic, although slightly predictable even having not kept up with the storyline. Hubby was disappointed that Ruth died, but I thought it was fitting as it was just after Harry had agreed to leave the service to be with her and then she showed her love for him by sacrificing herself. I was sad that Harry didn’t leave the service. It says that Harry is Mr MI5 – it won’t work without him and the whole of Spooks has been about him.

The best and most exciting bit of the whole episode was the return of Tom Quinn played by Matthew Macfadyen. I blogged quite recently about him and so was delighted when he graced the screen, even though it was only a few seconds. Hubby agrees that he was the best character but we couldn’t work out why he had reappeared. We had various ideas:

– he wasn’t killed off when he left, so he could return
– perhaps he was going to take Harry’s place (which we realised wasn’t true when Harry returned to MI5)
– the guy Tom had gone to visit was the man who set him up way back at the end of Series 2, he’d finally found him and he’d gone to finish him off
– Tom was actually the best character ever which fans realised and so the BBC wanted to leave it on a cliffhanger to see if there was enough of a reaction to create a series called Tom Quinn: The Chronicles or something (my suggestion!).

After much deliberation, we turned to Wikipedia to explain it for us:

In the final ever episode (season 10 finale) Tom briefly returns, hired by Harry Pearce as an “outside contractor” to eliminate the head of a conspiracy of Russian nationalists who tried to derail the move to a closer Russian-U.K. relationship. This scene, while brief, makes it clear that Tom is still involved in spying and is more ruthless than he was while working for MI5 (he was decommissioned in season 3 for “an attack of conscience”). It also adds a twist on Tom’s reasons for setting up Trans Atlantic Security as he is clearly working as a freelance assassin and also retcons Harry’s statement that they will never have contact again, at the end of episode 2, season 3.

Well I must say that the above was not clear from the episode and I wonder how Wikipedia’s contributor worked this out! I’m still hopeful that perhaps there will be a series featuring just Tom, just like I’m still hopeful they’ll bring back FlashForward…


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