Last night I wore my winter coat for the first time this autumn. It was nice being snuggled up with a scarf. Hubby described wearing his winter coat on the tube this week as feeling like being in a sleeping bag.

The reason I donned my winter coat was not only because it was cold. We had a meal voucher. Normally we would use it at Ask, Pizza Express or somewhere like that but we decided to go somewhere else: Dudley’s Pancake House.

We have only been to Dudley’s once, a few months after we got married. It was a Saturday, it was busy, and we both enjoyed a yummy pancake.  So we decided to go back last night and use our voucher.

We were prepared, knowing how much room a pancake would fill in our tummies. As it was supposed to be our evening meal, we started with an appetizer each rather than a main meal.

After some nachos and prawns we started the main event – the pancake. They are presented like a pizza, not rolled up as you might have on Pancake Day, and they’re about 12″. I had one with banana, mixed nuts, chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. Hubby had banana and chopped up melted Mars Bar with vanilla ice cream. Both very yummy and very filling. Amusingly they are dusted with icing sugar which spreads to the rim of the plate and you end up with it on your top if you’re little like me!

I remember there being a pancake place at Centre Parks in Sherwood Forest when I went there about 8 years ago, and there’s also a quaint little one in Durham:

Mmm pancakes all year round!




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