A day with the ladies

On Saturday I went to the London Women’s Convention, a gathering of Christian women for half a day of Bible teaching.

I’ve only ever been to LWC once, in 2008. It was an interesting experience…

I find large groups of women rather intimidating. And frustrating. Take a moment to imagine 1500 women in the same place. The queues for the toilets are enormous at break times. Women get excited about the prospect of coffee breaks. And they have this woman hype thing that I can’t explain. I know, I’m also a woman and I’m being totally hypocritical!

There is a place for single-sex meetings. 1500 Christian women in one place encouraging each other, having fellowship and learning about how to be godly women is pretty amazing. Therefore I decided to put the things I find irritating aside, prepared to cross my legs all day, and went.

And it was challenging. The topic was ‘Mistaken Identity’, all about our identity in Christ and how that should affect our lives as women. I would have liked a bit more application, especially when it comes to image. There used to be seminars that covered extra things, but I guess I just need to think things through a bit more. I also had the opportunity to catch up with some friends and get to know the ladies who went from our church better.

One of the recommended books was ‘Disciplines of a Godly Woman’ by Barbara Hughes. This book has been sitting on my shelf for a few years. I remember reading some of it once upon a time… Anyway, I’ve decided to give it another go and I’m going to try to read a chapter every couple of days. That’ll take some discipline! Haha!

There were two funny moments where I particularly missed the men:

1. We sang ‘We rest on Thee’. 1500 women (and one man in the music group) sang ‘We rest on Thee’. It was missing a bit of manly ‘grrr’.

2. We all said a prayer together. 1500 women said a prayer together. It sounded soft and whispery like some kind of spooky thing from Doctor Who or Merlin!

I returned home to a clean bathroom, a clean kitchen and vacuumed floors 🙂 Thank you again, hubby!


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