Children’s Films

I love children’s films.  I grew up watching Disney films – Aladdin was always my favourite!  Then when Pixar and Dreamworks brought out Toy Story, Shrek, Ratatouille, etc it enabled me to continue enjoying children’s films into adulthood.

I remember watching Toy Story at the cinema when I was 9, and then watching Toy Story 3 to round it off last summer.  It was like I’d grown up with it.

Well, I managed to sneak another children’s film onto our LoveFilm list and we watched it last weekend – Megamind.  I enjoyed it, even though it was remarkably predictable.  It was funny and I love that it is loosely modelled on the story of Superman.

My husband rolled his eyes when he saw that’s what we were going to watch on Saturday night, but the week before we had watched The King’s Speech (courtesy of LoveFilm) and then Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy at the cinema, so it was time for something light-hearted!


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