Shopping bags

First of all, I’ve noticed that a lot of my posts are categorised as ‘crazy’ – what does that say about me?!

I was packing the food shop into bags at the supermarket this afternoon and suddenly thought to myself, ‘I wonder what people think of when they’re packing their bags?’

I guess many people unpack their trolleys in a systematic way and then pack the bags in a systematic way. I unpack the heavy items first and the light items last. When I pack the bags, I spread out the heavy items amongst the bags then put lighter stuff on top. I don’t really think about anything when I’m doing this which I realised today.

And that got me thinking – what do people think about when they pack their bags? Are they actively thinking ‘cold items with cold items’ or ‘heavy stuff first’? Curious.

Also, I must say I think it’s a great idea to charge for plastic bags as they’re doing in Wales. How long till this is introduced to England?


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