New wardrobe

We live in a furnished rented flat and therefore own very little furniture. So, recently we purchased some second-hand furniture. It’s in really good condition and from a local council place where people take their old furniture. We bought a wardrobe and a ‘room divider’ or bookcase type thing for just £115 and they delivered it!

We had to move all of the furniture in our living room and bedroom in order to fit our new furniture in which led to some stress and gave us a taste of what it will be like to one day move house. Although having no furniture is a bonus in that respect.

Before the ‘new’ wardrobe, hubby and I shared a small wardrobe and a separate, broken, rail. So when the new one came we had to decide which wardrobe we would each have. Hubby got the bigger, newer wardrobe, and I got the little one. He gets my winter coat in his as an added bonus, and all the  towels and bed linen.

This led to a thorough analysis of the clothing I own. I gave a lot of clothes away to a charity shop, including dresses I hadn’t worn since university and couldn’t see myself wearing again. It means all of my clothes, bar my winter coat, fit in my little wardrobe. I also rediscovered a few items that I forgot I have – I love it when that happens! And once this hot weather spell is over I’ll rediscover some winter clothing that is currently stored in a suitcase!

In case anyone’s interested, the room divider/bookcase thing looks really nice in our living room. It makes it look more homely and is a good place to store all the stuff that was once stored in a big pile by the window!


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