Pantry moths

A few months ago there was an invasion in our kitchen.


Yep, the Indian Meal Moth, or pantry moth.  I was going to blog about this when the invasion took place but decided I wanted to post a victory story, and therefore waited until the invasion was over.

The invasion began with a few moths flying around the kitchen.  We didn’t really think anything of it, until we spotted several making their home in our ‘pantry cupboard’ (where we keep flour, pasta, tins, etc), and then found strange fine webbing on packets of food.

Our first line of attack was to clear our pantry cupboard.  We threw out packets of pasta, rice and bags of flour.  We vacuumed the cupboard.  We disinfected the cupboard.  We bought new packets of pasta, rice and bags of flour.  We relaxed.

Whenever we spotted a moth, anywhere in the flat, we killed it.  We were ruthless.

So imagine our distress at finding they returned.  Somehow they managed to get back into the cupboard and into our food.  It was grim.

Our latest attack, about 6 weeks ago, was to chuck everything out, disinfect, vacuum as before.  But this time I went to a pound shop and bought plastic tubs for everything – pasta, rice, noodles, spaghetti, sugar, flour, cereal.  No entry for moths.

This worked.  We’ve not even seen a moth in our flat since then.  But then in the cupboard where we keep cereal, tea, coffee, crisps, biscuits we discovered some webbing in an open cereal bag.  It should have been transferred immediately to the plastic box after being opened, but it wasn’t.  Does this mean they’re back, or have we got rid of them again by throwing out the cereal?  Only time will tell.


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