The running bug must be calmed

I have a mysterious condition whereby I faint if I get too hot or too cold.  I think the thermometer inside me is set wrong, as I heat up quicker than normal people!  This means I have to be very careful when running. 

So, last night when I thought ‘oh I’ll be ok running home at 9.30pm because the temperature will have dropped’ was partly sensible but partly stupid.  It was still pretty humid and I arrived home sweatier than normal.  I survived, but it was hot. 

Therefore the running bug must be calmed for the next few days – well, until the temperature drops. 

I also realised why people say you shouldn’t exercise just before bed.  Not only does it wake your body up afterwards so you can’t sleep, but your body is already tired from a day at work and then you make it exercise when it wants to rest!


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