Old films

Last weekend we met a friend’s new girlfriend.  She said she only likes films from 2000 onwards.  We discussed this, all decided it was a bit harsh as she did like films from the ’90s as well, so she’s adjusting her dates!

But it did get me thinking.  I’m quite similar.  If hubby suggests we watch a film and it’s pre-1995 I’m always a bit suspicious.  Not that it will be dodgy, but that it will be boring.  Yes I’m a girl of the special effects generation, 3D and animated.  Sad I know, and not every film I watch has to be action packed, but it’s interesting.

However, we recently watched the original Manchurian Candidate featuring Frank Sinatra.  I suggested there might be singing… there wasn’t but it was a good film.  I didn’t get bored!

So, try an old film for a change – it’s not so bad.


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