Sicilian food!

Sooo sorry for the lack of communication!  Life got rather busy and we went away to Sicily, so at least I have a lot to fill you in on now!

Let’s start with Sicilian food.







Our hotel used to be a farmhouse and was on a working farm.  No pigs or sheep, but oranges!  Fresh orange juice, pips and all, for breakfast every day.  Amazing.







Gelato (ice cream).  Now this is also Italian but I’ve not been to Italy so it’s Sicilian!  Gelato is made with milk instead of cream and is very smooth and very delicious.  You can get it in almost any flavour.  We particularly enjoyed the fruit and pistachio flavours.  YUM!

There’s also something called granite (gran-eeh-tah).  This is like a slush puppy but with no food colouring and made with real fruit juice – again, the orange ones were the best with pips and all.







It’s not all sweet food, though.  The seafood, fish, pizza and pasta was amazing.  I loved the ham!  I’ve managed to re-create the above mussels au gratin and a spicy pasta dish hubby had.  We bought some incredible organic olive oil whilst we were there and hubby brought home some marmalade (yucky!).

So there you go, Sicilian yummyness!

Mussels au gratin (starter, serves 4)
Mussels (obviously!) x 20 if small, or 12 if large
Breadcrumbs (3 slices of bread whizzed up)
Parsley, handful chopped
Garlic, three cloves crushed
Salt & pepper
Olive oil

Very easy.  Cook the mussels as normal in boiling water and then take one shell off, or buy them already in half.  Put breadcrumbs, crushed garlic, parsley and seasoning in a bowl and mix.  Add some olive oil to help hold together.  Place on top of the mussels (see pic above).  Put in a hot oven (180C ish) for 15 minutes.  Sprinkle with extra parsley and a bit more olive oil.


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