Yesterday I blogged about my sensible waterproof. I don’t want you to think I’m a boring sensible 24-year-old because I’m not. I’ve only recently started thinking about buying sensible clothes that will last. For example, I still buy cheapo pretty shoes that last less than a year and annoy my husband. I’m also not a hugely fashionable person. I like to buy nice clothes but fashionable clothes often look stupid on me because I’m short and not stick thin.

Buying sensibly doesn’t mean being losing fashion sense. Yes my waterproof is bright blue but it’s a women’s size 8 so it’s not exactly a shapeless bin bag. Admittedly the hood looks a bit silly but hey it’s so practical I couldn’t care less!

Last autumn I bought a pair of gorgeous brown boots. They’re leather, waterproof, sensible heel height, the works. They’ll last but they’re also fashionable!

It’s all about choosing sensibly. I know full well this does not apply to men as if most men are like my husband their clothes last forever and don’t date quickly. I don’t know how they get away with this.

Anyway, choosing sensibly simply means shopping around. Be patient and don’t just buy the first thing you see. Find out what items are made of and work out how long they’ll last. Look at the price tag. If it’s cheap, it probably won’t last (not always the case, but can be an ethical issue!). Buying a few pricey items that last is definitely worth the money. The Thrift Book by India Knight gives more tips on this and other ways to save pennies.

Also, choosing sensibly means choosing things that aren’t the most fashionable items in the shop. Fashions change incredibly quickly. They do go round and round so you could have a box in your loft for each fashion so that when they come round again, so long as you’re the same size you are ‘bang on trend’! But in reality we all change shape and don’t have the room for all these clothes.

So, buy something that will last a few years in terms of wear but also in terms of fashion. A pair of fairly plain black or brown boots for the winter months will last years. A decent black or grey winter coat will likewise. You see my point. The odd diagonally striped neon coloured dress that ends up only lasting one summer is inevitable, but in the long run, be sensible!


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