Rain rain rain

Today we had some much needed rain in London. Some people complained. It was pretty heavy, but I was prepared with my waterproof in tow so had nothing to worry about.

There are three great feelings when it is raining heavily:

1. When you’re inside, dry, warm, watching the rain fall. Mmm hot chocolate makes this feeling even better!

2. When you’re wearing a waterproof and warm and dry walking through the rain.

3. Skipping through the rain getting wet, no waterproof or brolly, knowing you’re on your way home where you can get dry and changed and have a hot chocolate!

I enjoyed the first two of these feelings today. My parents recently bought me a brilliant waterproof which has an amazing hood that sticks out, covering your whole face but without the need for elasticated bits. It’s a Sprayway women’s waterproof – well worth your money.


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