Spring clean

When I was younger and living at home, I would do a ‘spring clean’ every Easter and October of my bedroom. I was insanely organised and loved to clear everything out of my drawers and reorganise them. I liked to take all the clothes out of my wardrobe and chuck out things I hadn’t worn. I liked things to be just right. I’d also periodically rearrange my room. Only now do I wonder what my parents felt about this, moving my bed from wall to wall every year!

Well some of that hasn’t changed. Unfortunately time no longer allows for such a clear out twice a year and doing a clear out for two people isn’t quite as fun because you have to discuss what should be thrown out. And I’m less organised than I used to be. But I found a large bag earlier in the year and started to fill it with clothes I hadn’t worn and shoes that were at the back of the wardrobe and hadn’t been worn since we got married, and wouldn’t be worn. Said bag lived in our bedroom for a couple of months before I finally took it to the charity shop yesterday, along with just one item of my husband’s – an old coat.

My 6 month clear outs, whilst rarely planned, were very relaxing and cleansing somehow as I threw stuff out and got everything in order. Yesterday I had a go at clearing out our bedroom, well, my stuff in our bedroom. I gave it a good clean and moved onto each room of the flat. I didn’t get far on the other rooms due to shared things that needed sorting out but I did clean them. It was really relaxing and seeing the final result in our bedroom filled me with delight! I even woke up smiling this morning knowing that our bedroom was sparkling.

Unfortunately we can’t really move furniture around in our flat. Well, we could but I think where things are now is quite sensible. I imagine that when we one day move house I could end up moving things around a few times before I’m happy!


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