Eurovision 2011

Last night was Eurovision 2011 in Germany. I remember as a kid watching it until it was bedtime and missing the scores. Well last night I introduced my husband to it as he had never watched it before. He ended up staying up right to the end to find out the scores! What have I done?!

Anyway, the reason we watched it is because Blue were representing the UK. Blue were big in our teenage years so we were obviously excited for their comeback. Their song was ok, but I think the large picture and video footage of them which appeared behind them and the exuberant lighting display partially led to their downfall. It was as if they were making the most of the fact that they were big a few years ago and so could have been the most famous people there (apart from Jedward – how did they do better than Blue?). And as if the lighting people thought they needed to overcompensate for Blue’s performance by overdoing the lighting.

Anyway, my analysis of the evening is now over. Blue came 11th, not bad compared with previous years. Until next year…


2 thoughts on “Eurovision 2011”

  1. Ugh, the winning song was soooo dull… But at least it means that, by this time next year, considerably more people should be able to point to Azerbaijan on an atlas.

    Serbia were robbed, in my opinion – I really liked their song. It had a really awesome retro theme, like it had stepped right out 1960s’ era Motown. Moldova were pretty great too – what’s not to love about a girl dressed in a fairy outfit badly miming on a trumpet? Whilst UNICYCLING??

    I felt rather proud of Jedward, to be honest. Their performance ws pure Eurovision.

  2. I thought Blue’s song, ‘I Can’ was very good, although I do think that their live performance could have definetley been better in places and I also think that those pictures of them behind them on the stage were not great, it seemed as though they were maybe trying to promote themselves even more. Maybe we should have sent Jedward, they did even better than us!

    Overall though I thought it was a great show and I cant wait till Baku, Azerbaijan. 🙂

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