Timing running again

My plan for timing running failed.  I used the fancy watch but it doesn’t have a stopwatch!  It tells you how many miles you’ve run, how many calories you’ve burned, but not how long you’ve been running for.  So I’m still relying on the clock when I leave the flat.  It also runs out of battery quite quickly BUT having said this I know it cost my parents a bit of money so I have gone back to running most of the journey instead of doing it in one minute bursts and I will continue to use it.  Love you, my lovely parents!


One thought on “Timing running again”

  1. I tend to use an app called “Sporty Pal” on my Android phone. I think there is an iPhone version as well if you are so inclined. It will track how long you have ran for, how far you have gone. It can give you split timings (that you determine) and will hold the information online so that you can track it over time.

    An example of one of my runs\walks\jogs is here

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