Launch of Christianity Explored Third Edition

On Tuesday night we had the privilege of attending the launch of the third edition of Christianity Explored, partly because we’re in the new DVD.  It was a great evening.  I had a great time catching up with old friends, but it was also amazing seeing the final product.

Rico Tice, Ian Roberts, Paul Chelson and Barry Cooper talked from the front about the changes that have been made in the course material such as updating questions and including more help for leaders.  The course is now 7 weeks long instead of 10 and the weekend away has been worked on to make it available as a day away.  We also saw one of the day away episodes as well as clips from other episodes to show that the course is still based on Mark’s Gospel, strong on sin and grace.  A new website has been created specifically for those questioning the Christian faith, and the old Christianity Explored website has a new location:

Finally, there were amazing offers on the new materials.  Some are still available at The Good Book Company


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