Timing running

For the last few weeks I’ve been using a running programme whereby you run for a minute, walk for a few minutes, repeat a few times, and build up over 10 weeks. I chose this method because it was recommended to me and I was coming back to it after a four month rest period due to an injury.

I thought I’d get really frustrated with this programme, but I actually quite like it. The only thing is how to time it.

I started off using my 5-year-old iPod nano for the first few weeks. It was frustrating because I could hardly see the numbers on the screen. Not only that, it seemed that I left at, say, 6.50am by the clock on our oven for a 21 minute programme, and got back at 7.20am, despite my iPod telling me I’d done 21 minutes. I did think it funny that I could do my old running route in 21 minutes when I was only running for 7 of those minutes.

I then tried using my phone, but it was hard to hold onto it as my hands got sweaty. I didn’t have that problem with my iPod because it has a leather case. And I still had the problem that I couldn’t really read the time when the sun shone on my phone. But my iPod theory was true – it was slow. Using my phone the minutes were definitely quicker and I didn’t make it all the way round my route – needed a couple of extra minutes.

Now, you may be thinking, why not buy a stopwatch. Yes, yes, that would be easy. I actually have a watch for running that my parents gave me. The reason I haven’t been using it of late is that the battery went and to charge it up you have to plug the USB bit into your computer and our computer has had a very sad time of late…

But I’m going to try it now anyway. Hopefully it won’t do any further damage and I will be able to do the running programme properly, in normal 60 second minutes, and being able to see the time. It’s actually been so long since I used it, I can’t remember how big the screen is or anything!


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