Jeans to skirts

Over a year ago my best friend told me about turning jeans into skirts. I thought it was amazing and had a go with an old pair of jeans. Unfortunately the skirt ended up a bit short, but I have recently made another skirt from a pair of jeans.

I’ve wanted a light denim coloured skirt for a while for the summer months and an old pair of jeans had conveniently faded into said colour. So I chopped them up and thought I’d share how to do this with you. I think you could do this with any trousers really, not just jeans.

The best advice is here:

My advice is to try it on at each stage, cut the fabric longer than you want the skirt to be, and don’t worry if it all goes wrong! You can either make a feature of it as I did with my most recent jeans skirt, or chuck the failed project out*. Let’s face it, you haven’t lost anything if they were old anyway!

*Preferably in a clothes bank (found near bottle banks and other recycling containers) as the fabric can be recycled!


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