Mini series: From veggie to meaty 2

My apologies for not updating my blog for a week or so. Our home computer has been having a very sad time of late.

But to update you now – I am now eating chicken! We had chicken breast on Friday night (with bacon and sausage meat which I wasn’t so keen on) and I had chicken and pasta today at work. I’m getting there!

I think the next meat to conquer is pork but I’m going to stick with just chicken for a couple more weeks. My husband has been delighted with the meaty produce I have been bringing home. Now that we’re both eating it I make sure I check the reduced section to pick up good chicken to chuck in the freezer and I’m still within my shopping budget 🙂

Before conquering pork I need to conquer cooking chicken. I’ve stir-fried and oven-cooked chicken breast. I picked up some thighs and legs last week and put them in the freezer for a rainy day but I don’t actually know how to cook them or what they’re good with. Any tips?


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