Stand up straight!

That’s a phrase I heard often during my teenage years.

As a child I went to ballet classes and therefore had good posture, however when I stopped aged 9 I had nothing to keep me upright. As a teenager I had low self-esteem and therefore did not stand up straight. My dad often said ‘stand up straight’ to me but I never knew how to stand up straight, plus never felt like it.

To me, standing up straight suggests you’re confident, sure of yourself and perhaps a bit arrogant. At least that’s how I feel when I try to stand up straight now. I also feel like I’m ‘presenting’ myself. This all seems a bit ridiculous considering that I’m short, but that’s how I feel.

I’ve decided to try to stand up straighter because I know I’m not doing my back any good, and I’m trying to sit up straighter as well. But please don’t tell me to stand up straight!


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