I promised photos, so here are some photos!

First, the patchwork cushion…







It looks handmade, because it is! But I’m pleased with it as it’s my first one.

Secondly, the flower brooch…








How to make said brooch! Get some old fabric, preferably in varying colours. I used cream and flowery fabric. Cut a flower shape out of cardboard then cut six flowers in total out of your material. Choose your flower which will be the background colour – this one will remain at the same size. Cut all the other flowers smaller than this one, decreasing in size, but not by much.

Loosely sew the flowers together as you want them to look in the centre of the flower, then pull the thread to make the ‘petals’ stand up a bit. Sew a button or beads on the front to cover up this thread but also to give the flower a middle section. Sew a safety pin onto the back. I’ve also sewn another small piece of cream fabric over the bottom wire of the safety pin so it looks a bit neater for whoever I give it to.

Hope that makes sense and you enjoy creating!


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