Successful Christmas Shopping

We had a successful Christmas shopping day today – all done in two hours, including a little bit of wandering time and with a few presents yet to buy online. Here’s how to did it…

1) Warn family and friends that you want to know what they want and you’re going shopping on Saturday;

2) Call them later that day or the night before you go shopping (adds a bit of pressure) to find out what they want;

3) Write down what they want;

4) Think carefully about your shopping destination and write down in a different coloured pen which shops you can purchase the gifts from; **try to keep this to just a few shops if possible**

5) Consider where shops are and plan a route;

6) Hit the shops. Make it a mission. Don’t stop for coffee until the end as a treat. Take a backpack to carry your shopping in – not cool but easier on the arms and means you can grab stuff in shops without thousands of shopping bags hanging off you;

7) Have a sit down and a coffee and don’t panic if you couldn’t buy everything – there’s always the internet.

Ta da! Happy shopping!


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