A yellow bike

Yes I’ve finally found a bike… my husband’s one from his teenage years. He reckons when he first had it he was the same height as me, plus it’s free! No matter that it’s bright yellow, at least no one will want to steal it. A colleague has offered me a spare ladies saddle so I just need a few more safety items and I’m off. Well, I also have to collect the bike and give it some TLC first.

I also need to finalise a route. I jogged home from work this week and enountered an extra slope that will need overcoming. I’m hoping to find a suitable route today and am quite looking forward to incorporating exercise into my everyday routine. I imagine for the first few weeks I’ll arrive at work completely exhausted, but eventually I’ll get there.

Anyone have any tips for cycling in the winter? Perhaps I should just avoid it with the ice and stick with the bus… Or can you get snow tyres…


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