How are you?

How would you respond to that question?

‘I’m fine, thanks’ is the most common response it appears. I noticed this especially last week when calling people at work. ‘How are you?’ they’d ask and I’d say, ‘I’m fine, thanks,’ when in reality I’d had a stinking cold for a week and sounded like an old man. It just struck me that I often don’t think when someone asks me how I am. I automatically say, ‘I’m fine, thanks,’ whether I am tired, ill, busy, on life support (never been on life support but seemed a good dramatic example!).

A few weeks ago at church we were talking about Revelation 3:14-22, the church in Laodicea. This church had gone bad. Really bad. Like yoghurt that’s out of date. Bad. We were thinking of ways to avoid churches going bad and one was to ask harder questions than, ‘I’m fine, thanks,’ or at least to answer honestly so the church family knows what’s really going on, how to pray and how to help. This can help to nip any problems in the bud and stop it from spreading through the church.

So, how are you?


4 thoughts on “How are you?”

  1. I agree, to an extent. But at the same time, how many times are you asked that question, and the person who asks is actually willing to listen to your answer, the honest, truthful answer. Without them feeling unequipped and getting awkward. Or, trying to fix your problems in one fell swoop. Just some observations I have been making while suffering from a chronic long term illness. Sometimes it’s safer just to play the ‘I’m fine’ card.

    1. Good point, Elizabeth. It can be a tricky one. I guess I just want to encourage some more honest Christian love and care for each other, so that if someone was to ask you how you were and you struggling with your illness, you would feel comfortable expressing how you felt. I know it’s not that easy and it’s a shame that we’re selfish even as Christians. Wouldn’t it be great if we loved each other more?

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