People say funny things, don’t they? Thought I’d list a few of my pet hates here…

‘Hello’ to everything (I do it, it really annoys me!)

‘I’m nice and warm’ – so you’re an axe murderer but you’re warm, and apparently you’re nice?!

‘For me…’ for example, ‘for me, this fish is a bit bland’. It comes up everywhere, especially on cooking programmes.

Here’s one I like from Whites, a comedy series on BBC2 at the moment: ‘Don’t tell your mum’. It’s like Jamie Oliver’s ‘whack it in the oven’. Love it (possibly because it’s Alan Davies who I saw a few weeks ago in the street).

What are your favourite/least favourite sayings?


2 thoughts on “Sayings”

  1. One I cant stand is the misuse of the word ‘literally’…
    I heard the other day, “my heart literally went out to him”. Um… I don’t think it did…
    All time favourite was Wimbledon commentary when it started to rain: “Ooh, and the heavens have literally just opened.” Erm, I beg to differ…

    1. Haha that’s a good one. Thought of a new Jamie Oliver type saying today whilst preparing Samaritan’s Purse shoeboxes… ‘Pack the box’ or ‘pack that box’. Doesn’t apply to many things though, perhaps when moving house or packing a suitcase.

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