Mini series: Saving those pennies 4

My fourth tip is to save money on heating by setting your thermostat to a couple of degrees lower than normal.

I know this sounds insane but it is doable. I personally think that being able to walk around in a t-shirt indoors during the winter is an insane waste of money. What’s wrong with putting a hoodie on and having a cup of tea to warm you up? I love having porridge for breakfast during the colder months when the flat is a bit chilly, as I leave home feeling as if I have a hot water bottle inside me, just like the Ready Brek adverts… (NB: I don’t have Ready Brek, just plain porridge oats because, guess what, they’re cheaper!)

Admittedly we live on the top floor (of two floors!) of a block of flats, so we have a small area to heat and we benefit from our neighbours’ heating. We do turn the heating up a bit when we have guests, don’t worry! Our boiler has just broken so we have no heating, but in all honesty our heating probably wouldn’t be on at the moment anyway and we only miss it for washing clothes because we are quite happy to put on a jumper and snuggle up for warmth.

Try it. You may save a few pennies.

P.S. We also have an electric blanket mattress cover thingy to take the chill off the bed so we do cheat a bit, but it’s only on for about half an hour and only when it’s really cold, so not just yet.


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