Mini series: Saving those pennies 3

It’s Tuesday, so here’s my next money saving tip.

Tip number 3: get a bike.

This is something I’m considering, so it’s not a tip I’ve actually put into practice.  I’ve got a new job that is only 2 miles from home so I’m considering getting a bike and saving more pennies.  The only problem with this is that there is a big hill that I have to go down and up to get to work…

Anyway, my hill troubles aside, I have it on good authority i.e. common sense and friends, that buying a bike saves money.  Yes it costs money initially to buy a bike (you can get good ones second hand though, they just need some love and care), a decent helmet and lock, flashing lights, fluorescent jacket or vest, BUT in the long run you don’t have to buy a bus ticket or a train ticket or a tube ticket or petrol for your car ever again!  (not quite true)  If you work a long way from home this is perhaps not a good idea, but 2 miles should be easy!

It is also a good way to keep fit.  If I had the energy to cycle up a hill every morning then I would definitely gain a few pounds in muscle weight, and lose a few in fat.  Admittedly on the tube you probably lose a few pounds in sweat during rush hour.

Other slightly less energetic ways of saving money on travel include walking – my husband gets off the tube in Zone 2 and walks to his office in Zone 1 (the next stop on the tube) to save pennies.

If I find an alternative route that avoids the big hill I’ll let you know.


3 thoughts on “Mini series: Saving those pennies 3”

  1. Hey hun,

    I’ve been cycling in London for four years now and it’s much faster and cheaper than any other form of transport! I’ve found that one short, steep hill is much easier to tackle than a long, arduous incline (you can always get off and push at the steepest bits!).

    Definitely worth investing in a good bike though, which saves you a lot of effort in the long run – I think the hybrids are best as they are much faster than mountain bikes and more comfy than road bikes! And deinitely, definitely get the best lock you can afford… I’ve already had two bikes stolen in London :(.

    Good luck with your new job!


  2. I acquired a bike (my Mum’s retro 60s bike) and am defo planning to take my life in my hands and get cycling. If only I could get around to fixing it… Love the idea though – save some money, get fit and help the environment a little. Huzzah!

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