Julie & Julia

I watched Julie & Julia on Friday night at the recommendation of a colleague because Julie starts a blog. I liked it, especially the way their lives seemed so similar. I know my blog won’t take off like Julie’s did(!) but she did write in it every day and was committed to it. I found it amazing how dedicated she was to cooking every recipe in the book, getting up at 5.30am, and Julia getting up at 6.30am to learn how to cook. It made me wonder if I am as dedicated to what’s most important in my life.

On Saturday I then made a cake – not inspiration from the film I might add, I enjoy baking and try to do so about once a week so my husband has something yummy to look forward to with his lunch at work. He chose a coconut cake from my recipe book Red Velvet Chocolate Heartache by Harry Eastwood. It’s a great book, gluten free and uses vegetables to make the cakes!

Anyway, it wasn’t a complete success. We didn’t have two tins as deep as required so I made it in one tin, which meant it took longer and the middle took ages to cook.  But it’s quite yummy and that means it’s a success!


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