Mini Series: Saving those pennies

I thought I’d share a few money saving tips with you. I’m sure you’ve heard them before, but it means I can do my first mini-series!

Tip number one: Don’t have your hair washed at the hairdressers.

I learned this very recently. Normally I save my greasy locks for the hairdresser to wash. An old hairdresser used to give head massages once the conditioner was on – bliss. Anyway, the other week I had a spare hour and needed a chop so I wandered in with clean hair. I said they didn’t need to bother washing it as I’d washed it in the morning. How delighted I was when told how much the cut was – nearly £10 off what I normally pay!

Try it! (Unless of course you enjoy the painful neck, hot water, random shampoo hair washing experience. Or your hairdresser gives head massages.)


2 thoughts on “Mini Series: Saving those pennies”

  1. Whenever you buy a large(ish) electrical item from Comet\Currys\Dixons\etc, always ask for 20% off if you take out the 5 year extended warranty (stores are heavily incentivised on the number of these that they sell). Chances are they will try to haggle you up a bit more, but you’ll be surprised what you can get off. When you get to the till, ask if you can pay the Warrenty via Direct Debit (they all have this facility).

    2-3 days later, go onto your online banking (or pop into your branch) and cancel the Direct Debit. You will be within your 7 day cooling off period and legally they cannot chase you for payment (you just won’t be covered by the extended warranty). Or you can choose to keep it if you so wish.

    As an example, I managed to get an £800 Fridge Freezer and a £200 dishwasher for £800!

  2. Or blowdried! You save so much if you just have it rough-dried, and it’s only going to last until you go to bed, so what’s the point unless you’re getting ready for some fancy function! 🙂

    Nice that your hairdresser offered you the option anyway – most don’t since it’s such easy profit for them!

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