Pretty beads

This is the real reason I started this blog! I wanted to showcase some of my creations. I started making jewellery in May and some friends have received some of the items as presents (apologies if you see something on here then receive it as a present!). It’s pretty cheap and lots of fun. I never knew I could create pretty things like this!

This is my latest creation – a wire glass bead bracelet. The beads, all bar the ivory ones, are from a fantastic website called Spoilt Rotten Beads: I tend to get the wire from John Lewis because it’s so close to my office, very handy when in need of something quickly.

If you want to start making jewellery, I definitely recommend buying items from Spoilt Rotten Beads to get you going. They are very helpful so just mention you’re a beginner and they’ll advise you on what you need. You can find lots of tips on how to make necklaces, bracelets and ear rings as well as techniques online – just Google it.


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