Bus Behaviour

Last night I took the scenic route home, a.k.a. the bus, due to tube delays. I saw bits of London I’d not seen before and arrived home later than normal, but also enjoyed the delights of bus behaviour in London.

You get on the bus, swipe your Oyster card, head upstairs for a seat. Most people are sitting on their own – it is lonely London after all – so you take a seat next to someone.

After a few stops, the person next to you stands up to get off the bus. Do you: a) swing your legs round, let them pass you and stay where you are, or b) stand up, let them pass then sit in their seat by the window? If you answered a) then you are a Londoner. I observed this behaviour almost every time someone left the bus – I do b).

Ok, second scenario. A fellow passenger is looking for a seat. As a Londoner you have not moved from your original seat i.e. you’re sitting in the ‘aisle seat’. Do you: a) move next to the window to allow the person to sit next to you easily, or b) swing your legs round, not moving from your seat so they struggle past you with their bags, etc? This time, if you answered b) you are a proper Londoner.

This was very interesting to observe on my journey home. There were of course exceptions to my ‘Londoner’ rule but the majority of people would not move from their seats and expected the new passenger to crawl over them to reach the ‘window seat’. I have thought of a few reasons for said bus behaviour: not having to get past someone to leave the bus, enjoying your warm seat, dislike of window seats, plain selfishness.

What have you observed on your latest journey?


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